Living in the shadow of a To-Do list

Are you tired of being bullied by your To-Do list? I sure was. Looking at all those undone tasks made me cringe and want to dive back under the bed covers. Here’s The Problem The purpose of a To-Do list is to capture incremental actions you are committed to doing. When you have 5 minutes left before lunch […]

Image of a photographer at work

Adding images to blogs and newsletters is like adding seasoning to your favourite food. A pinch of salt (or hot pepper flakes, if you’re like me) can turn a flat dish into a memorable experience. Images are readily available from a number of paid sites like Shutterstock and iStock Photo, but what if you have […]

Photo of a majestic tree, with sun streaming through its leaves

When autumn arrives, many of us are compelled to break away from the daily grind just long enough to appreciate the beauty of trees. The next time you do that, think about the people who try your patience—the ones you just can’t bring yourself to love—and see if this quote from Ram Dass softens the […]

Post title: Pharrell Williams and Your Dream Job

When we do what we love and love what we do, it’s magic. Not only for us, but for those who encounter our work. It creates a magnetic situation; one that others will go out of their way to be a part of. That is exactly what’s happening with Pharrell Williams’ song called Happy. People all over […]


If you use social media, you’re probably familiar with Hootsuite. Millions use it to manage their online presence. What you may not know about Hootsuite is that they hold a weekly Twitter chat — and you’re invited!

Photo of Tilla Brook - Guest author

by Guest Author: Tilla Brook Self-image matters. We all know this. And so often our self-image is one that does not support us to become all of who we are. Particularly when we are looking for a new job or a change of career. I am what I think. My thoughts shape my world. Yours […]

Less stress means more happiness

Less stress — It’s the grownup equivalent of a child’s Candy Land fantasy. Or is it? Who says we have to accept a level of stress that diminishes career satisfaction and creeps into off hours? If I’m honest about the times when tension was highest for me, it was when

Photo of Vancouver Startup Awards

If you love to surround yourself with people who are passionate about building new businesses and creating better workplaces, you should look up Startup Canada. This volunteer-driven organization aims to make Canada “the best place in the world to start and grow a business.” I had the pleasure of attending the British Columbia Startup Canada Awards […]


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