What is Work-Life Balance?

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What would you say if I asked what work-life balance means to you? Could you describe it? In this article, I’ll share what I often hear and extend an invitation for you to tell the rest of us what it means to you.

When I’m interviewing job candidates, my sole responsibility is to understand each person as much as humanly possible in the time we have together. I customize my questions for each person, but here’s one that I include every time: ‘What do you want to get out of your next career opportunity or what’s most important to you when selecting your next job?’  The vast majority tell me they’re looking for work-life balance. Since it’s my job to understand, my next question has to be: ‘What does work-life balance mean to you?’ And this is where the conversation hits a fork in the road. The responses polarize into two camps: those who’ve thought about it and pretty much know what they’re looking for and those who like the sound of work-life balance but don’t yet know what it would look like for them. They just know they want it. There’s no wrong or right to it, it’s just fascinating, which leads me to…

Why I’m Writing About Work-Life Balance

The most popular post I’ve ever published is one called Balance. Who knew? It’s four years old and continues to draw readers every single week even though I never advertise it. You guys love it. I love it, too, but maybe for a different reason. I love it because it’s the voice of my readers. That post is a compilation of contributed quotes describing what the word balance means to them. The responses are as varied as the backgrounds of the contributors. Again, there’s no wrong or right. Balance is one of those subjective, personal states that no one else can judge. So, I’m turning the floor over to you again, this time with a slightly different question: What is work-life balance? Does it change over time? If you had better work-life balance, what would it look like? Do you want work-life balance? Your comment can be as short or as long as you like. I’ll pull your thoughts into an article that will be published here. Thanks for playing. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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3 Awesome HootSuite Features You Don’t Know About

Scheduler tricks, RSS syndicator app, Klout Filter

HootSuite Scheduler Tricks, RSS Syndicator, Klout FilterHave you ever purchased an item because of all the wonderful things it can do, but once you get it home you only use its basic functions? Two examples that come to mind are microwave ovens and smartphones. Both are capable of changing the way we work and live, yet most of us use them only for simple tasks. In this article, I’m sharing three ways to use HootSuite features that will increase your effectiveness without requiring more of your time. Read more ›

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The Trusted Advisor

Title: The Trusted Advisor

If everyone in the world were free to choose their own job title, I suspect Trusted Advisor would be among the top ten in popularity. Who doesn’t want to be known for telling it like it is and helping others get on the right path? Clearly, that would place us on the opposite end of the spectrum from those who recommend products and services based on potential commission rather than what’s truly needed. In this post, we’ll examine how to spot a trusted advisor, and how to be one. Read more ›

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Business Lessons Learned From A Humiliating Day At The Beach

Beach photo with red-faced emoticon

A few years ago, while vacationing on Cape Cod, I decided it was time to conquer my fear of water and try surfing. It was a beautiful clear day which allowed us to enjoy an uninterrupted view of nothing but sea with a few large boats in the distance. The waves were high enough that only about a dozen people were in the water despite the July heat. Thinking that bravery was all I needed to overcome my water demons–and ignoring the size of the waves–was my first error. Read more ›

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Life After Cookies

Photo of model wearing oversized pants with admonition to back away from cookie jar

LifeAfterCookiesA few months back, I wrote an article announcing hubby and I were changing the way we eat as we had discovered there was a little too much of us hanging around. Four months have passed and I’ve lost just over 30 pounds. My old Read more ›

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