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Social Networking and the Law of Explosive Growth

If you develop yourself, you can experience personal success. If you develop a team, your organization can experience growth. If you develop leaders, your organization can achieve explosive growth. Law #20 from John C. Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership This year I’ve decided to really focus on viewing our multitude of communications as opportunities […]

The Accidental Corporate Brand

I’m helping to write a proposal this week for a piece of business that we’d really like to win. My first step in the proposal process is always company research to look for alignment or commonality between our organizations. Their web site told me what was important to them, it outlined their long-term goals, and […]

Followers are Leaders on Twitter

When Twitter first hit the social networking scene all we heard about were tweets announcing intentions to sleep in after a too-late night out or – worse yet – descriptions of the peanut butter sandwich cousin Jessie ate on her way to the mall. Today’s tweeps have learned that you are who you follow.  

Finding Time To Release the Social Networker In You

Clients and employees love to see that their organization has online visibility and interacts with virtual communities.  This is not a task that can be assigned to Marketing or HR.  We need to see our executives and staff fully engaged and participating.  So how can we help the busiest people in the world take an active role?  With a little […]

Virtual Leadership – Making Meetings Work

In the traditional work environment we rely on physical proximity to access the spirit and energy of teams. In contrast, the virtual team is tasked with building the same sense of community and shared purpose but from physically diverse locations. How do we do this?

Is Social Media Compatible with Brand Management?

Social media such as blogs, user communities, and social networks, reduce a company’s control over its image and public message.  That’s a scary thought for many businesses.  The April issue of Harvard Business Review contains a great example of how Harley-Davidson relinquished control and allowed social networking to build a community that today ranks the […]

Leadership During Tough Times

Here is a question posted on LinkedIn recently: “What do you think are now the top 6 leadership attributes needed for this economic season?” More than two dozen business people took the time to share some very well thought out responses.  Two qualities stand out: Vision and Communication.  According to my count, they show up […]


Microblogging builds leadership

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one instead.” This quotation has been variously attributed to Mark Twain, Pascal, Winston Churchill and Pliny the Younger among others.  No matter who first coined it, the thought is timeless and resonates today.  It points to the danger of communicating a message […]


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