Monthly Archives: July 2009

Return on Communication: The New ROI

ROI, ROS, ROA – Move over!  There’s a new kid on the block. ROC, or Return on Communication, is best described as achieving desired, quantifiable results through effective messaging. Sounds simple – but it’s not.  If you doubt the difficulty of achieving ROC, pull out your best-written and most inspiring communication and calculate the measurable […]

Looking For a Job? Harness the Power of Social Networking – Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed some of the online tools job seekers can use to maximize job search results.  In this article we will focus on ways to ensure your Facebook presence is aligned with your job search objectives. When’s the last time you checked your privacy settings on Facebook? Unless you have taken the […]

Understanding Leadership – A Resource

Leadership is a broad topic.  Rather than posting a blog I’ve put together some leadership resources that I hope you will find of value.  What follows is a small collection of quotations, definitions, theories and resources on what it means to be a leader and developing the quality of leadership.

Social Networking 100 Years Ago

Up until this week I thought social networking and personal branding were relatively new phenomena.  That was before I came across the society page from a 1910 edition of the New York Times.  It begins:  “Floods of new at-home cards have been sent out during the past week… Mrs. Edward Leavitt Young of 317 West […]


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