Monthly Archives: August 2009

Focus Under Fire

The ability to focus on the right things during times of apprehension or overload is a leadership differentiator of the highest magnitude. One reader’s comment at struck me as the simplest definition of leadership under pressure I’ve ever encountered. Wally Bock writes: Those that “don’t panic” are concentrating on what to do next. Those […]

Transparent Leadership Drives Results

Real leaders tell it like it is. We can be polite but we don’t sugar coat reality.

Focus Management In The Information Age

Keeping our goals front and center will help us stay aligned and play a bigger game. This blog contains an exercise to help identify daily wins.

Personal Brand — It’s Even More Important in a Tough Economy

Individuals with clearly defined values and goals are highly esteemed by employers as these people tend to be more focused and make better-informed decisions.  If you can demonstrate that you have moved beyond understanding your own value system and show that you operate with an intentional personal brand, so much the better. What makes this […]

Using Social Networking to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders

Each social networking tool has its own demographics. Facebook tends to be populated by younger users while Twitter is fast becoming the preferred tool for the professional crowd in the 45 years old and over category.  These are broad statements which of course do not reflect 100% of their user communities but it does illustrate one important point: […]


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