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Running A Good Race

Inspiration is everywhere. The trick is recognizing it and grabbing it. Today I found it in a Facebook status from my friend Donna. She wrote this in preparation for running in a half marathon. I think we can all glean

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Gigonomics – Wordsmithing The New Economy

Gigonomics.  This word is popping up everywhere.  It’s been popularized in Newsweek, the Denver Post, the New York Times…  Perhaps we’re attracted to this word because it sounds so new, so web 2.0.  The truth is it isn’t new at all.  Just

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Great Meetings Are Hard Work

Breakthrough thinking isn’t something you can conjure on command. It takes time and determination to stick with it through the initial stages to make it to the payoff.

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Social Media Credibility

Remember when you were nine and you wanted that dog? You promised your parents that you would feed it, walk it, clean up after it… Social media is a little like that. You have to know that it comes with added responsibilities.

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