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Patience is highly overrated IMHO

In my book patience is not a virtue and good things don’t come to those who wait. You can quote me.

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Finding Your Networking Value Proposition

For years I resisted the whole idea of networking.  My mental association was an image of Herb Tarlek, the consumate slick salesman, wearing white shoes and an insincere grin handing out business cards two at at time with instructions to

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Mental Hoarding

Hoarding has gotten a lot of press over the last year, thanks in large measure to a reality show called Hoarders.  What keeps me watching the show is my fascination with a different kind of hoarding — one that can afflict today’s knowledge

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Working Mentorship

Last month I had a conversation with someone who counseled me to ensure that I was keeping a healthy balance of tactical versus strategic goals.  I love that we had that conversation and have given quite a bit of thought to it in

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Considering Relocating For a Job? Networking and Growth Opportunities Await You!

Moving to take advantage of career opportunities has been an excellent experience and one that I highly recommend if your personal circumstances permit.  Working in new environments not only helps to round out  practical experience, it exposes one to new

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