Monthly Archives: February 2010

What Motivates You?

Understanding our career and leadership motivations is the first step toward managing a happy, healthy worklife. Here are four online assessments you can take to build your self-knowledge. They are all free.

2010 Vancouver winter olympics opening ceremony

  Vancouver, you sure know how to do it up in a big way. The opening ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympics was truly amazing. The height for me was k.d. Lang’s soulful rendition of Cohen’s Hallelujah. It was so good, I think the song should be put into retirement like the jersey of a […]

Servant Leadership From The Business End Of A Garbage Truck

Watching COO Larry O’Donnell hang on to the business end of a working garbage truck is a breath of fresh air (pardon the pun) and a welcome change from news stories about seven-figure bonus checks following corporate bail outs.

Cyber glue for the human race

There is no substitute for a real life hug or a telephone call from someone who cares, but social media can be a real boon during times of difficulty or change.


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