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Finding time for strategy

The most valuable investment we can make in our business is creating time to think. How do we make that happen when it’s a struggle just to get through the daily avalanche of tactical responsibilities?

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Busyness or business?

When multiple distractions compete for our attention it’s easy to get derailed from our goal path and fall into the hamster wheel of activity. Here’s a quick tip to help.

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Leading From Behind

There is a style of leadership that produces sustainable high performance and increased job satisfaction. What does it look like to lead from behind?

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The Power of Uncertainty

What could you accomplish if you were willing to trade the ease of a well-worn path for the discomfort of creating different results?

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Strengthening Teams

It’s no longer enough to get along with others. With business moving at the speed of light, we need nimble, flexible teams. Teams are stronger because of their membership. How strong are your teamwork skills?

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