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Balance. Who knew?

One simple word — so many complex interpretations. Turns out there is no single definition for the word ‘balance’. Read on for a number of visually rich descriptions of what balance means to a diverse group of individuals spanning four generations.

Upping your solution quotient

Solution quotient is my name for the ability to remain curious and positive in the face of challenges. The goal is to move quickly and effectively from problem identification to resolution.

Playing a bigger game

Ever find yourself tied up in knots over little things that went wrong? Playing a bigger game helps us to be more intentional with our cerebral real estate and improve alignment to our goals. Read on…

Web 3.0 – What is it and what’s in it for me?

While many organizations are still designing and executing Web 2.0 strategies, the online world is racing ahead toward Web 3.0. This post provides a basic overview of where the Internet is headed and the implications of these developments to the business community.

A Case for Thick Skin

Anyone who has ever developed a callous knows they result from hard work and persevering despite friction. They serve a valuable purpose in that they protect the wearer from damage and enable continued vigorous activity. What is the business application? Read on…

The value of adversity

Resilience is the new hot skill set for employers. Do you possess it? How do you get it? Can you identify it among career candidates?

Organic Team Building

Teams are like wine — you can’t speed the aging or maturing process. You can only provide the best ingredients and the right environment.


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