Monthly Archives: June 2010

An achievement worthy of the big “5-0″

If you can’t find humor in life’s events, they’re not worth talking about. That includes turning 50. Click through to see what I did with this milestone.

Leadership Wheel

Great Teams Slay the Goodenuff Monster

They say a problem named is a problem half solved. I’ve not only named this one, I’ve given it a face. I’m calling it the Goodenuff Monster – that insidious promoter of mediocrity that keeps good organizations from high performance.

cousteau colour

A very Jacques Cousteau career path

On the 100th anniversary of Jacques Cousteau’s birth, a look at how passion and fascination with lifelong learning contribute to a rewarding career path.

Saying thank you to temporary and contract workers

Are there temporary workers at your place of business? If so you may want to learn about national Staffing for Canada week — the week where we appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of temporary workers everywhere.


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