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Free legal advice clinics returning to BC

Access Pro Bono is sponsoring 3 free legal advice clinics in BC. There are many ways to participate. Click through for more…

Time Leadership Muscles

Leaders distinguish themselves by their ability to get things done. They start the day with the same number of minutes as everyone else but somehow they end up with more to show for it. What do they do differently and can anyone become a time leader?

Social media helping erase stigma of mental illnesses

Social media can play a role in opening the lines of communication and reducing feelings of isolation. It can provide a forum for sharing experiences and an outreach path for those seeking support. Click through to read about a unique mental health camp held recently in Vancouver.

Goal setting – It's all in the execution

With hopeful eyes on the improving economy, many businesses are revisiting and revising 2010 goals. How sharp is your company in rolling out goals that can get the troops excited?

Photographer: Rob Holland

City Love: Vancouver versus Toronto

OK, I admit that experiencing a Canadian winter with no snow definitely puts Vancouver high on my list of great places to live. And who wouldn’t love daffodils in February? But there’s a lot more than that to recommend this city.

Corporate Creativity and Brainstorming

If the best ideas pop into our minds during moments of random thought – witness the 3 B syndrome: on the bus, in the bath or in bed – why do we insist on scheduling corporate brainstorming sessions?

A young couple using mobile phones outside

Looking for work? Know what your telephone first impression is

Hiring managers and recruiters are formulating first impressions while taking initial phone calls from candidates. Here are a few words to help avoid a common gaffe.

Canadian economy rebounding faster than U.S.

Since July 2009 Canada has created 403,000 new jobs offsetting nearly all the job losses experienced in the downturn which began in the fall of 2008. More facts on the economic recovery here…


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