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The Art of Being Direct

Learning how to share observations in a way that improves performance comes from understanding the difference between feedback and criticism. Feedback is forward looking – it helps us do better next time. Criticism… well, not so much.

Who’s Listening to Your Customers?

Call them customers, clients, patients, whatever. They are talking. Are you listening?

Latest News From the World of Work

Is your talent strategy up to date? The Manpower Research Center contains fresh thinking from the best minds in the business.

Twitter for research

Twitter posters are generous people. Shocked? Perhaps you thought the twitterverse was filled with self-important messages about what to eat for lunch or how expensive the wine was at dinner last night. There is some of that – but there is an unbelievable number of Twitterers who share knowledge and attempt to bring value with each tweet.

Considering a Career in the Staffing Industry?

This is a $7 billion industry in Canada. It’s fast paced, challenging, and I’ve been loving it for years. Could this be your next career move? Here are some things to consider…

Start strong and stay safe

Many employers are finally beginning to hire again. If you are among these, make sure your team is ready to onboard new employees with a full health and safety orientation. This is your first opportunity to demonstrate that you care about the well being of your workers.

Corporate Social Media – Are You In?

Read how random Facebook experiences can draw new clients into a previously unknown retail outlet. Then tell me if you still think corporate social media is a waste of resources.

Leader vs Manager – The Debate Continues

Warren Bennis popularized the idea that leadership and management are two distinct functions. I love Mr. Bennis, but I beg to disagree.


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