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The Art of Being Direct

Learning how to share observations in a way that improves performance comes from understanding the difference between feedback and criticism. Feedback is forward looking – it helps us do better next time. Criticism… well, not so much.

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Who’s Listening to Your Customers?

Call them customers, clients, patients, whatever. They are talking. Are you listening?

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Latest News From the World of Work

Is your talent strategy up to date? The Manpower Research Center contains fresh thinking from the best minds in the business.

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Twitter for research

Twitter posters are generous people. Shocked? Perhaps you thought the twitterverse was filled with self-important messages about what to eat for lunch or how expensive the wine was at dinner last night. There is some of that – but there is an unbelievable number of Twitterers who share knowledge and attempt to bring value with each tweet.

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Considering a Career in the Staffing Industry?

This is a $7 billion industry in Canada. It’s fast paced, challenging, and I’ve been loving it for years. Could this be your next career move? Here are some things to consider…

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