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Firefighters anonymous

The psychic income from solving a loud and nasty problem is addictive. It’s a habit that keeps many from achieving their objectives. How do you put aside the adrenaline rush of firefighting for the driven calm of following a strategic path?

Simple strategic planning

Outstanding leaders have the ability to turn complex problems into executable plans that deliver on the most important elements. Is there a way to parlay this concept into the overall strategy for a business?

The man who taught me branding

He stared past the machinery coated with soot and ashes, and said he wasn’t about to give up. “No, I’m still a young man,” said the 78-year-old Branford resident as he watched firefighters douse smoldering rafters and toss aside the blackened back door to his shop.

silhouette person cave

What’s so great about you?

How would you answer that question? Would it make you uncomfortable to speak of your strengths? Everyone needs a quick elevator speech. The video attached to this post may help you reflect.

Capturing tribal knowledge

Capture. Listen. Engage. It’s easier than ever and the cost of entry can be as little as zero dollars.

Trying Enough Times

The equal-odds rule flies in the face of logic. After all, skill and strategy win the day, don’t they? It doesn’t seem so. In fact, it looks like I have to let the word “try” creep back into my vocabulary.

Employee exodus – Will it happen to you?

This Labor Day weekend is a great time to consider your employer brand and the value proposition you offer your staff. The economy continues to show signs of improvement which brings increased opportunity for the labor market which could translate into potential unwanted turnover in your company.

Thrive on your drive

Marie Curie was an early influencer for me. Born in Warsaw in 1863 she was an unlikely candidate for a doctoral degree yet she accomplished just that — and received two Nobel prizes. As my first role model she showed me what a driven personality could accomplish.


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