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His Other Voice

An inspirational story based on the life of Roger Ebert. He sets an example of courage and optimism.

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Discipline: The One Quality You Can’t Succeed Without

Instant gratification.  Play before you pay.  Wanting everything and wanting it now. These are the anthems of North Americans in the twenty-first century.  It has led to a generation of impatient workers and a per capita debt load never before seen.  I

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Living Your Brand

Live your Brand Wordle

Living a life of alignment starts with knowing what you stand for. It’s knowing who you are and directing your interactions so as to influence how others experience you. There’s no hype in living your true brand.

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Are you a social media lurker?

Lurkers enjoy social networking sites yet do all they can to remain anonymous. Read my top reasons why you might not want to be a stealth networker. Warning: This post may persuade you to decloak.

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Margin Squeeze – Are You in a Race to the Bottom?

Pricing concessions are the first step toward commoditization and margin squeeze. The problem with commoditization is it leaves little room for differentiation or innovation. How prepared are you?

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