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Recognizing Boredom

Everyone knows what boredom feels like but can you recognize it in others? Your productivity and achievement depend on your ability to keep people motivated and moving forward. Are you sure you know what the signs are?

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Getting Hired Faster

Are your employment search practices working for you or against you? Read this post for tips that may help you get that job offer more quickly.

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The art of creative postponement

Creative postponement. Such a soft and fluffy euphemism for the evil word procrastination. I can think of many addictions that are less harmful than this one. And yes, procrastination can be an addiction.

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Is corporate loyalty dead?

My opinion: No. And yes. Lay offs, downsizing and increased competition may have bred a new cynicism but there is a silver lining. I see a generation of workers who are ready to take responsibility for their careers.

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Genius Level Leadership

This post is an introduction to a new Robin Sharma podcast. How can you resist a title with the word genius in it?

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