Monthly Archives: December 2010

Be curious. Be bold. Blaze a clear and compelling trail.

There’s something downright sexy about taking a January calendar in hand and deciding what you will make happen in the new year. It’s like trailblazing after a fresh snowfall. I’m publishing my 2011 motto in this post and I’m inviting you to share yours.

Rise Early, Work Hard, Strike Oil

Never underestimate the powerful combination of hard work, preparation and plain old good luck. A little forethought will help you recognize the synchronistic opportunities that await.

Best Christmas Day Tweets

Please enjoy this collection of tweets that I pulled from Twitter today, Christmas 2010. Feel free to send me the ones you love best. Hey, it’s a new way to share seasonal cheer.

I want that paperless office you promised me

I don’t know about you but my briefcase weighs at least as much as a small toddler. And I’m pretty sure the closer we get to becoming a paperless society, the heavier it gets. (click title for full story)

Job Searching over the Holidays

Don’t let your job search go completely off the rails during the holiday season. Here are some tips to keep things moving.

Open leadership. Have you heard?

Don’t look now but your brand is showing. I saw some unfortunate posts submitted by job seekers on a public board — one was actually making fun of his interviewer — and no, he did not post anonymously. It occurred to me that the open leadership message hasn’t made its way entirely around the block yet.


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