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Stop Thinking About Blogging. Just Do It

Here’s my advice to those who dream of starting a blog.

How Can I Win in This Job?

Looking around for something new? These interviewing tips may help you make a better career decision.

Success Mindset

Posture, gestures and facial expressions are strongly influenced by our thought patterns. What kind of message is your body language sending? Setting yourself up for success is a mindset you can’t afford to live without.

Shamelessly Aligned with TGIM

In the world of acronyms and initialisms TGIF probably ranks among the top ten. Why then, is it wholly absent from my thousands of posts, tweets and blog comments? Guess what – I’m not alone! TGIM celebrates those who choose to have a healthy, exciting work life.

What Are You Best At?

What are you best at? If this question has you stumped, you’re not alone. Most of us don’t take the time to figure out what we’re good at, never mind best. There’s a personal and professional payoff if you can figure it out. Click title for more.

The Tyranny of the Possible

Having clear objectives is a protection against the maelstrom of ideas that fly about in the creative brain. Goals give us discipline. They put backbone in our time management decisions.


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