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6 Reasons You Should Know What Twitter is Saying about You

1 billion tweets are published every 8 days. 41% of monthly users are providing opinions on products and services. Can you afford not to know what’s being said about your firm? Click for 5 additional reasons to plug in.

Free Personality Profile

The DISC index maps one’s personality on four points: Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing, and Cautious.  Tony Robbins very generously has made this assessment available – at no charge – via his web site.  Allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes of interrupted time.  You will receive two complete assessments. Let me know if you want to compare results!

Social Networking Rehumanizes Corporations

The shift from one-way marketing messaging to two-way/all-way real-time conversation will open new markets for those brave enough to get on board.

Keep Your Foot on the Gas

When it comes to achievement, hesitation has the power to stall even the most engaging goal.

The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

Here’s a highway sign you never want to encounter…

I Couldn’t Fix the Brakes So I Made the Horn Louder

Ever wonder about the career path of those kids who take everything apart just to see how it works? That relentless drive to understand and rebuild can be both an asset and a deficit. Click the title for more…

Walking the Technology Tightrope

There’s a new injury popping up in emergency clinics around the world…  People everywhere are walking into traffic, bumping into parked cars, stumbling, and just generally getting hurt from not watching where they’re going.  The villain?  Texting while walking. It’s just the latest in what I’m calling Cyborg Morphing.  Rick Mercer says it best in […]


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