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Leadership: Toronto Guru Robin Sharma

In honour of this week’s trip to Toronto, here is my favourite Toronto-based leadership guru, Robin Sharma. His message is aimed at New Years but if you’re at all optimistic you know that every day can qualify as a new start. All you have to do is frame it that way.

Stumbling With Grace

WARNING: Believing in one’s self enough to take chances and try new methods may result in embarrassment.  There’s nothing like a good mistake to reveal strength of character and moral turpitude.  I like to ask job candidates to describe their last mistake.  It’s not that I’m seeking gory details or negative job histories.  In fact, I don’t […]

Flexing from Leader to Manager and Back Again

I love this excerpt from the Op-Ed blog at Posterous*: Management is just the science of execution. But leadership provides vision. So true. I’ve had many *discussions* with people on whether leadership and management are one and the same or two different skill sets.  According to me they are distinct and easily identifiable.  Those with leadership skills are able to […]

A Newbie’s Foray into the Classroom

If you’re tempted to volunteer with Junior Achievement you might enjoy following along as I make my way through a first assignment: teaching investment strategies to tenth graders. It’s a great JA program that includes an online stock market simulation.

Transformational Leadership

There is a book that draws me back inside its covers at least once a year. Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander bring the reader to the place where achievement is first hatched — the mind. This post contains one of my favorite excerpts from The Art of Possibility and an 8-minute video by Ben Zander.

5 Questions to Sharpen Your Direction

Sometimes the right question is all you need to start moving toward a new future.

Life is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

The title of this post may sound familiar — these are famous words spoken by John Lennon. A well-placed quotation can bring a presentation to life. Here are a couple that I like as well as a number of web resources to help you source quotes on topics that interest you.

Zooming for Effective Leaders

It’s tempting to equate leadership with vision and big picture thinking. This kind of one-sided leadership can leave your organization struggling and starving for attention. Zooming in and out keeps the leader fully engaged in building and sustaining forward movement – and that includes doing the occasional deep dive to analyze a roadblock. Rosabeth Moss Kanter says it best in the newest HBR video.


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