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Anything’s Possible If You’ve Got Enough Nerve

There’s something exhilerating about reaching out for an enormous objective. The title of this post is a quotation from a famous author who didn’t take time to reflect on the small odds of success before her. Do you know who said it?

A Culture Of Innovation – How Do You Know?

“If you don’t bleed innovation, it’s tough to stand out, steal market, or create a point of difference for your company.” ~Lisa Barone in Business Insider. Here are 4 questions to assess the innovation health of your organization.

5 Minute Productivity Push

Here is a simple daily habit with the potential to turn around your personal and corporate productivity (excerpted from Harvard Business Review). And for a little extra value I included a link to an article that will help those of us without executive assistants from becoming slaves to email and document retrieval.

Painting with Words

Why do you blog? There are as many different answers to this question as there are bloggers.  And by the way, the latest estimate of the number of public blogs is 156 million. The blog you are reading is not my first.  About five years ago I was introduced to a site called CaringBridge.  I […]

Looking For a Better Job?

If you don’t wake up excited every morning, looking forward to what’s in store that day, it may be time to examine the suitability of your current job.

Get Outrageous

Figure out what’s not working and get outrageous about it. Anything less says you’re okay with mediocrity and lackluster results…


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