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Recruiting The Right Stuff

Looking to add creative strategies to your recruitment campaign? This book by Arthur R. Pell may help.

Canada’s Staffing Index Up

Signs of cautious optimism from the Canadian staffing industry: Canada’s Staffing Index up, pre-recession levels in sight – Press Release – Digital Journal.

The Job Interview: Use Problem Solving Stories

Whether you are the interviewer or the job seeker, bringing up past challenges may reveal learning gems and leadership strength. Read the post for more.

The War for Talent: Branding 101 to the Rescue

Your customer base is worthless unless you have the right talent to deliver. Here are 3 steps that companies of any size can undertake to win in the war for talent.

Innovation Starts With Curiosity

Some of the best ideas in history were born by accident.  The discovery of penicillin came about when Alexander Fleming wondered why bacteria would not grow near the penicillium fungus on his desk.  That single moment of curiosity changed life forever by saving countless people from bacterial infections that previously might have proven fatal. Think about the problems plaguing your business today.  Is there […]

Can Personality Get You Hired?

Should it matter if people like you? What role does personality and likeability play in the hiring process?

Sense of Entitlement: The Younger Generations Are Getting a Bad Rap

A sense of entitlement is not unique to the younger generations. See what this unhelpful characteristic sounds like in each of the 4 generations at work.

Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others

“What qualities make leaders able to sail through the rolling ocean that is the new normal, and bring their people with them? And how can leaders develop those attributes?” Justin Menkes starts his book with these questions and does a good job of answering them. Read on…


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