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The Art of Possibility: Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership — that is the aim and the main topic of “The Art of Possibility”. Click through for an excerpt from my favourite chapter.

Virtual Teams: Creating Synergy

With careful and considerate planning, an adept leader can tap into the collective strengths of a virtual team. This post contains 5 tips to facilitate the process.

Western Provinces Set To Drive GDP Growth in Canada

Canada’s stable economy and relatively strong forecast are attractive to growth-oriented organizations seeking new markets. Here is an overview of the anticipated GDP growth by province along with key drivers.

Leading the Multi-Generational Workforce

Diversity can add richness and depth to any group — but it can also create tension when individuals with differing backgrounds and beliefs come together to create results. Generational diversity is no less powerful than gender or ethnic diversity. So what’s a leader to do?

The Future of Work 2.0

How well informed are you on changes in the work world? Click through to watch a Harvard video on hyperspecialization – a work trend with implications for both managers and workers.

Employment References: Would You Recognize a Fake?

Did you know you can purchase fake reference checks? Most candidates would not do this but if you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter, you need to watch this video. Click through for more…

3 Things You’re Missing on Twitter

It makes me want to tear my hair out when I hear people say Twitter is only for people who want to report what they ate for lunch. That’s like saying you don’t use email because you don’t like the content. Instead of going bald, I wrote this. (click title for more…)

Wrongology: Letting Go of Rightness

This 18-minute video may open up a whole new appreciation for being wrong.


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