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What Our Words Say About us

Here’s a tool to help you create a picture of your speech. It’s called Wordle.

Online Customer Relationship Management In Action

If you think online customer relationship management is for the future, hang on! That rushing sound is your competition speeding past. Here are two examples of simple online acts that solidified client loyalty and created ongoing positive conversations. You can’t buy this kind of good press.

50 Best Blogs for Recruiters

Everyone knows recruiters don’t walk, they run through their daily schedule.  Matching the right people to the right jobs is a big task, and one they take seriously.  So how do you fit in time for professional development?  I suggest doing it in snippets.  Reading professional blogs can be a great way to do this. You […]

Choosing Your Path

Strength and serenity come from knowing one’s values and living a life in alignment with those values. Getting there can be a bumpy ride. I think the trick is to know the difference between walking our own path and walking a path chosen for us by others.  Neither is wrong – it’s just a choice. Choices made with […]

Listening To Your Recruiter

Would you walk into your doctor’s office to announce your diagnosis and dictate a prescription?  Not likely.  Even if you suspect what the problem is, you still want input from your physician.  What’s the latest treatment?  Are there alternatives?  Is there any new information that you should be made aware of? Your recruiter can offer you the […]


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