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Organizational Adulthood

Ever watch a 12 year old walk through a department store, pointing out each and every flaw in design or pricing?  Adolescents are particularly adept at finding and announcing fault. With any luck, and several years’ frontal lobe development, they learn the value of perspective and filtering. Not everyone learns the finer points of socialization — witness those who are […]

Boardroom table

Zooming versus Micromanagement

Somewhere, somehow, we got the idea that leaders shouldn’t bother with the finer points of running a business; that staying high level is the mark of true leadership. Read why that thinking can be harmful to a business unit.

Pen and paper

Why Bother With Blogs?

I liken the blogging process to a distillery. Thoughts are gathered, simmered, and reduced until only the concentrated essence of each thought remains. What you’re left with is intensified content with all of the fluff removed. As such, they offer some of the best learning opportunities you’ll find online.


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