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Quantity vs Quality: Who Says They’re Mutually Exclusive?

Over the years, the two most common objections I’ve heard during productivity discussions are: Do you want quantity or quality? Do you want me to spend my time on important activities or do you want me to spend my time documenting them? I’ve never found these either/or arguments to be an effective way to build […]

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The Least You Need to Know About Bedbugs

If you stay in hotels, you need to read this. ¬†Bedbugs have become nearly epidemic in North America. They had been all but eradicated by the 1950’s but pesticide restrictions and the ease of global travel have allowed them to stage a comeback – and they’re back with a vengeance. One of the reasons they’re […]

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Are Online Relationships Real?

Not everyone appreciates the value of texting or online chat. Some would not even classify these communications as legitimate conversations. It begs the question: Are online relationships real?

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Smokers Are Losing Their Networking Advantage

I used to think the smoking crowd at work had a huge advantage. I’d see them leave the building together and come back 10 minutes later with all kinds of plans and energy. Why? They took the time to chat with other people, compare ideas,¬†crystallize thoughts. Meanwhile, the non-smokers remained glued to their desk, staring […]


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