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Problem Resolution Starts with Curiosity

You can’t truly solve a problem until you appreciate all the opportunities it contains.

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Boost Your Career Through EQ

Spend a few minutes to examine your emotional quotient. It could start you on a personal development path that will benefit your career – and your personal relationships, as well.

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Organizational Adulthood


Ever watch a 12 year old walk through a department store, pointing out each and every flaw in design or pricing?  Adolescents are particularly adept at finding and announcing fault. With any luck, and several years’ frontal lobe development, they learn the value

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Change – From the Inside Out


I’m not talking about organizational design or cascading new processes throughout a company. This is about the kind of change that skips over skills and abilities and digs right down to the values level — to who you are as a person and how you show up. I’m talking about serious reexamine-who-you-want-to-be kinds of changes.

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Customer Centric versus Customer Driven

Which business model sounds better: customer centric or customer driven? They sound similar but one can lead to greatness; the other, failure.

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