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The Magnificent Castle — How To Become Who You Are

by Guest Author: Tilla Brook Self-image matters. We all know this. And so often our self-image is one that does not support us to become all of who we are. Particularly when we are looking for a new job or a change of career. I am what I think. My thoughts shape my world. Yours […]

Title: The Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisor

If everyone in the world were free to choose their own job title, I suspect Trusted Advisor would be among the top ten in popularity. Who doesn’t want to be known for┬átelling it like it is and helping others get on the right path? Clearly, that would place us on the opposite end of the […]

Why Poor Spellers Should Not Become Tattoo Artists

There are two career choices where poor spelling can get you in hot water: editor and tattoo artist. In one of these, you could actually endanger your life by making a conspicuous mistake. Guess which one. This week’s 7-blog roundup is all about unfortunate spelling and grammar accidents. Some of these will make you laugh […]

How Not To Get “Facebook Fired”

Facebook comments that are disrespectful to the workplace or show aggression toward supervisors are getting people fired. Here are three cases where employees lost their jobs because of what they posted on Facebook. Kimberley Swann was fired after three weeks as an admin assistant for writing on Facebook about how bored she was with her […]

5 Ways To Start Managing Your Career Right Now

If you’re a Baby Boomer, Generation X, or Generation Y, you need to treat your career as a business.┬áThe days of finding a job and staying there for your entire career ended with my father’s generation. My dad needed to manage work relationships and his own performance, but he didn’t have to manage his career. […]

Getting Hired

If getting hired feels about as predictable as choosing the winning lottery numbers, this article is for you. Career development practitioners may be able to use the inside look at candidate selection to help job search clients.

For Job Seekers: Great Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Arriving at a job interview without well prepared questions is like going clothes shopping with no pants on. You’ll be conspicuous for what’s lacking instead of what you have to offer.

Branding Shenanigans – Yes, I Really Did Wear Orange Pants While Dancing (badly) to “Bom Bom Bom”

Companies are unstoppable when they’re powered by people with heart and a little skin in the game. Add a sense of humour to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for success — and maybe a few shenanigans. This past week, we finally got to enjoy the result of many months of hard work when […]


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