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Happy Birthday to my Blog: 3 Years Old Today

I believe blogs follow a life pattern similar to the people who create them. Sadly, most blogs die before reaching maturity. Those that live on past adolescence to reach adulthood really come into their own. And just as with people, you can’t know what they’ll be when they grow up until they get there. Happily, […]

21st Century Connectedness

Connections. How many we have and how far afield our network extends has become both a topic of conversation and a badge of honour. The concept of networking isn’t new – what’s changed is how we do it, the volume of connections one can entertain, and the speed with which it all happens. When I […]

Fierce And Vulnerable At The Same Time: Killer Leadership Combo

Engaging in a fierce conversation is an act of kindness. We call it fierce because it requires courage to step beyond the barriers disguised as harmless clich├ęs and enter into true dialogue that builds understanding. It means talking about stuff that matters. And it means admitting the part we played in creating the problem or in allowing it to continue.

Why Social Media Works

Social media powers two-way conversations across time zones and over borders. Read more for the motivating factors that keep this a growing force.

Online Customer Relationship Management In Action

If you think online customer relationship management is for the future, hang on! That rushing sound is your competition speeding past. Here are two examples of simple online acts that solidified client loyalty and created ongoing positive conversations. You can’t buy this kind of good press.

Get Out of Email Jail

Break with tradition. Get out of Email Jail with these 4 tips.

Feeling Like a Baby When It Comes to Online Recruitment?

Creating effective online recruitment ads can be daunting even for the most experienced corporate veteran. Here are 3 tips that should help.

Facebook: Should Managers Friend Employees?

Although social media isn’t new there are still some uncharted areas for employers and managers. Have you thought about your personal policy?


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