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Vancouver’s Green Capital Business Mission

Vancouver is working hard to grow its reputation as a green city (pardon the pun).  There are many ongoing initiatives – one of which is the green building program.  The latest is a mission to China where Mayor Gregor Robertson and an entourage of 22 local businesses will seek to leverage good relationships begun during the […]

Free legal advice clinics returning to BC

Access Pro Bono is sponsoring 3 free legal advice clinics in BC. There are many ways to participate. Click through for more…

Social media helping erase stigma of mental illnesses

Social media can play a role in opening the lines of communication and reducing feelings of isolation. It can provide a forum for sharing experiences and an outreach path for those seeking support. Click through to read about a unique mental health camp held recently in Vancouver.

Photographer: Rob Holland

City Love: Vancouver versus Toronto

OK, I admit that experiencing a Canadian winter with no snow definitely puts Vancouver high on my list of great places to live. And who wouldn’t love daffodils in February? But there’s a lot more than that to recommend this city.

Saying thank you to temporary and contract workers

Are there temporary workers at your place of business? If so you may want to learn about national Staffing for Canada week — the week where we appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of temporary workers everywhere.

Balance. Who knew?

One simple word — so many complex interpretations. Turns out there is no single definition for the word ‘balance’. Read on for a number of visually rich descriptions of what balance means to a diverse group of individuals spanning four generations.

Strengthening Teams

It’s no longer enough to get along with others. With business moving at the speed of light, we need nimble, flexible teams. Teams are stronger because of their membership. How strong are your teamwork skills?

How do you define community?

There was a time when the word ‘community’ meant neighborhood or city. The rapid adoption rate of social networking and virtual teams is expanding our traditional boundaries. So how do you define your community?


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