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Pinterest headquarters staff making a mural

Funky Corporate Culture Feeds Creativity

Can you imagine working in a place that brings in DJs to keep everyone pumped during a makeathon? I can. How about getting your hands dirty with old fashioned glue and ancient printing presses? I’m talking about Pinterest’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco.

Sample Instagram Photos

Showcase Your Employment Brand On Instagram

You’re probably wondering why I would promote Instagram as a place to build your employment brand. To be clear, I’m not suggesting you run right out and create a recruitment campaign on the site. I’m not sure you’d get a very good hit rate. But wouldn’t it be great

Socialnomics – The Opportunity For Recruitment Firms

A company’s reputation has a direct impact on its ability to source top talent. That makes employer branding a concern for all businesses. For recruitment firms, it actually provides an opportunity to pull out in front of the competition. What’s the link between employer branding and socialnomics? And what is socialnomics, anyway? Socialnomics Is Word […]

How To Keep Job Candidates Happy

We recruiters are pretty quick to point out mistakes candidates make during job searches.  We talk about common resume errors, we roll our eyes and relate tales of candidates who answer cell phone calls during interviews, and we complain about the ones who apply for every position posted – even when they clearly don’t have […]

Online Customer Relationship Management In Action

If you think online customer relationship management is for the future, hang on! That rushing sound is your competition speeding past. Here are two examples of simple online acts that solidified client loyalty and created ongoing positive conversations. You can’t buy this kind of good press.

How Can I Win In This Job?

If you’re hiring right now, applicants should be able to expect a clear and succinct answer to that question. Many recruiting plans go off the rails late in the process when the hiring company suddenly realizes they haven’t invested sufficiently in front-end planning to ensure they’re looking for the right skills. Try asking that question the […]

It Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Workforce Anymore

Candidates have become savvy shoppers when it comes to choosing their next job. Do you know what the applicant market is saying about you?

The War for Talent: Branding 101 to the Rescue

Your customer base is worthless unless you have the right talent to deliver. Here are 3 steps that companies of any size can undertake to win in the war for talent.


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