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Digital Pioneers Don’t Use Old Maps To Get To New Destinations

Social media, used well, meets the requirements of today’s business environment: producing results more quickly without compromising standards. It’s all about building a community, staying connected, and moving fast.

More Progress – Same Hours

How do you put more progress in your week without adding additional hours?  Future pace your time. True or False:  If you start the day with no objectives, no goals, and no hot priorities tied directly to your objectives, your day will still fill up with tasks and busy work. True. There is an alternate path.  Future pace […]

Seth Godin on Leader vs Manager

Managers work to get their employees to do what they did yesterday, but a little faster and a little cheaper. Leaders, on the other hand, know where they’d like to go, but understand that they can’t get there without their tribe, without giving those they lead the tools to make something happen. There’s a little more […]

Innovation Starts With Curiosity

Some of the best ideas in history were born by accident.  The discovery of penicillin came about when Alexander Fleming wondered why bacteria would not grow near the penicillium fungus on his desk.  That single moment of curiosity changed life forever by saving countless people from bacterial infections that previously might have proven fatal. Think about the problems plaguing your business today.  Is there […]

“If you’re going through hell, keep going”

Winston Churchill said those words. You may know him as a successful statesman and leader but that’s only a small portion of his story.

What Are You Best At?

What are you best at? If this question has you stumped, you’re not alone. Most of us don’t take the time to figure out what we’re good at, never mind best. There’s a personal and professional payoff if you can figure it out. Click title for more.

Firefighters anonymous

The psychic income from solving a loud and nasty problem is addictive. It’s a habit that keeps many from achieving their objectives. How do you put aside the adrenaline rush of firefighting for the driven calm of following a strategic path?

Random Learning

Random learning happens when we become curious enough to ask questions or do research. Because it is self directed – driven by the individual – it is powerful and sticks. More…


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