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The Fall Of The Alphas by Dana Ardi

I had two main goals in life when I was little. First, when I grew up I would have a house with dozens of rooms to hold my many interests. Second, I would own a complete set of the most

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My Best Coaching Questions

Asking good questions is a powerful way to build deep relationships. It’s the best way I know of to defuse a tense situation. It helps us remember to understand first, and speak second. And just in case we’re feeling less than curious when someone wants to talk to us, good questions can help reveal the bigger picture and (hopefully) ignite our interest.

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Digital Pioneers Don’t Use Old Maps To Get To New Destinations

Social media, used well, meets the requirements of today’s business environment: producing results more quickly without compromising standards. It’s all about building a community, staying connected, and moving fast.

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Problem Resolution Starts with Curiosity

You can’t truly solve a problem until you appreciate all the opportunities it contains.

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Quantity vs Quality: Who Says They’re Mutually Exclusive?

Random numbers

Over the years, the two most common objections I’ve heard during productivity discussions are: Do you want quantity or quality? Do you want me to spend my time on important activities or do you want me to spend my time

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