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A tightrope walker makes his way across the tightrope, high above the ground

What is Work-Life Balance?

What would you say if I asked what work-life balance means to you? Could you describe it? In this article, I’ll share¬†what I often hear and extend an invitation for you to tell the rest of us what it means to you.

Kindness is just love with its workboots on.

Kindness Is Just Love With Its Workboots On

Kindness isn’t always easy but the results make it worth the effort. Returning the hello we get from passersby isn’t showing kindness; going out of our way to say hello to someone we don’t care for… that’s more like it. Even better, extending our hand to someone we’re pretty sure doesn’t like us–maybe even a […]

Is It A Goal?

What are your thoughts?

This Could Be Your Week!

This could be your best week yet! Don’t believe me? Take out some paper and write down the three things you would have to accomplish by Friday in order for this to be an awesome week. Go ahead. Write them down. Next to each one of the three items, write down one thing you can […]

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to revive a dream or set new goals. Remember what the beginning of summer break felt like? Your imagination had free rein to invent all manner of possibilities for the lazy days and weeks ahead. What ideas would you come up with if you gave yourself ten minutes to daydream? Your […]

Get Ready For A Great Week

Are you ready to have a great week? Here are a few ideas to push this week over the top for you. First, let’s remember that what we tell ourselves will have an impact on how we view others and events. None of us are completely free of filters. We colour the world according to […]

The Human Side Of Social

This one comes with a Kleenex alert — so grab a couple tissues and enjoy a story about using social media to demonstrate resilience and empowerment.

An Abundance Of Us

Hubby and I have discovered abundance — about ten pounds each in the form of thighs and tummy. We shouldn’t be surprised at how calorically uninformed we’ve been. After all, it’s physically impossible to Google nutritional information with your hand inside a bag of cookies.


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