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The Problem With Exit Interviews

Exit interviews: strategic move or too little, too late? Turns out, the answer is “it depends.” The biggest argument in favour of exit interviews is that the information provided will be used to improve the work environment. I’ve yet to

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Quantity vs Quality: Who Says They’re Mutually Exclusive?

Random numbers

Over the years, the two most common objections I’ve heard during productivity discussions are: Do you want quantity or quality? Do you want me to spend my time on important activities or do you want me to spend my time

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3 Things Business Can Learn From Opera


Not many people know that I studied opera. A supremely proud coloratura soprano (E flat above high C? — no problem),  I envisioned a future as the next Lily Pons. That was Monday through Thursday. On the weekends I dreamed that I

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Timeless Gems from Peter Drucker

I’m hosting a leadership conference for a small group of very special people this week. This seems a great time to bring out some timeless gems from Peter Drucker. “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership

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Fierce And Vulnerable At The Same Time: Killer Leadership Combo

Engaging in a fierce conversation is an act of kindness. We call it fierce because it requires courage to step beyond the barriers disguised as harmless clichés and enter into true dialogue that builds understanding. It means talking about stuff that matters. And it means admitting the part we played in creating the problem or in allowing it to continue.

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