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Smokers Are Losing Their Networking Advantage

I used to think the smoking crowd at work had a huge advantage. I’d see them leave the building together and come back 10 minutes later with all kinds of plans and energy. Why? They took the time to chat with other people, compare ideas,¬†crystallize thoughts. Meanwhile, the non-smokers remained glued to their desk, staring […]

21st Century Connectedness

Connections. How many we have and how far afield our network extends has become both a topic of conversation and a badge of honour. The concept of networking isn’t new – what’s changed is how we do it, the volume of connections one can entertain, and the speed with which it all happens. When I […]

Why Social Media Works

Social media powers two-way conversations across time zones and over borders. Read more for the motivating factors that keep this a growing force.

What Every CEO Should Know About Social Media

It’s not enough to create a great product or deliver top notch service. Brands today need to cultivate a strong sense of community. This means listening and interacting in real-time.

Online Customer Relationship Management In Action

If you think online customer relationship management is for the future, hang on! That rushing sound is your competition speeding past. Here are two examples of simple online acts that solidified client loyalty and created ongoing positive conversations. You can’t buy this kind of good press.

Facebook: Should Managers Friend Employees?

Although social media isn’t new there are still some uncharted areas for employers and managers. Have you thought about your personal policy?

Web 3.0 – What is it and what’s in it for me?

While many organizations are still designing and executing Web 2.0 strategies, the online world is racing ahead toward Web 3.0. This post provides a basic overview of where the Internet is headed and the implications of these developments to the business community.

How do you define community?

There was a time when the word ‘community’ meant neighborhood or city. The rapid adoption rate of social networking and virtual teams is expanding our traditional boundaries. So how do you define your community?


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