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Who Else Wants To Be More Creative and Think Better?

Is the creative side of your brain bored by plain old vanilla meeting notes written on lined paper? Or are you a linear thinker who’s trying to inject a little right-brain creativity into your project management? Both scenarios will benefit from mind mapping. Mind mapping is a graphical technique for visualizing connections between ideas or […]

Getting The Most Out Of Online Forums

Have you ever asked for help on an online forum but got no answer? It happens. Each forum has its own culture and personality. Unless you’re a regular visitor, it can be difficult to figure out how to get what you need. So here’s the skinny on working with forums and user groups. Read the […]

Taming The Email Inbox With Auto Replies

It’s not often I say anything good about automatic messages, but I’m going to do so in this post. There’s a particular situation where autoresponders are useful, especially when set up and managed with care. Some recruiters receive hundreds of unsolicited resumes each week. Let’s be brutally honest and admit that many never get processed. […]

Quick Fixes To Get Your Projects Back On Track

Are your projects suffering from lack of momentum? Feeling stalled? Wondering why it’s so hard to make progress? The answer may lie in the way you’re handling communications. Projects are a compilation of tasks, often requiring input or work from several people. The way you gain agreement to that input or work will have a […]

Simple Ways To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Heat is a laptop’s worst enemy. It can shorten the lifespan of your expensive friend or even fry critical components turning your laptop into an irreparable loss. Over the last four weeks I’ve done a ton of research on what causes heat buildup. I’ve got a few tips to share — and one crazy solution […]

Take Back Control Of Your Day

Pull yourself out from underneath the tyranny of the urgent and start working on your larger objectives. These tips will help turn apprehension and pressure into a sense of accomplishment.

How To Automate Everyday Tasks On The ‘Net

I love finding cheaper or quicker ways to do things that don’t compromise quality. Today I’m sharing a tip that falls into the ‘quicker’ category. I predict you will love If This Then That (IFTTT for short) is a website that will help you automate online tasks – with no knowledge of programming, no HTML […]

The Real Reasons You Should Stop Using Paper

They say the secret to becoming a super productive person is to cultivate a desire to get the most done with the least amount of effort. As it turns out, necessity isn’t the mother of invention; laziness is. I’ll vouch for that. If I could figure out how to acquire Samantha Steven’s ability to get […]


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