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Email Zen: 5 Steps to Inbox Zero

Have you ever seen an empty email inbox – other than your first day on the job, I mean? It’s a beautiful sight. It’s even more beautiful if you’re the owner of said empty inbox. You can have that. You can be that person with the empty inbox and you don’t have to do it […]

1 Big Tip to Keep Your Goals and Projects On Track

Have you ever missed a detail on a project or forgotten to do something that would have moved you closer to reaching a critical goal? I have. It feels terrible. Dropping the ball happens when we have too much going on yet we don’t have a reliable system in place to remind us what to […]

I Want My Kilter Back

I’m on vacation for three days. I selected these days – in the middle of the work week – to get back on kilter. Or get my kilter back. Whatever. My assignment for the next 72 hours is to do only one thing at a time. You might say I’ve orchestrated my own multitasking intervention. I […]

More Progress – Same Hours

How do you put more progress in your week without adding additional hours?  Future pace your time. True or False:  If you start the day with no objectives, no goals, and no hot priorities tied directly to your objectives, your day will still fill up with tasks and busy work. True. There is an alternate path.  Future pace […]

Get Out of Email Jail

Break with tradition. Get out of Email Jail with these 4 tips.

3 Reasons to Conduct 1-on-1′s with Contract and Temporary Workers

I’m here to dispell a big myth about coaching temporary workers that may be costing you in productivity dollars. I’ve included a link to two excellent podcasts at the bottom of the post.

The Weight of Success (or “where did all this paper come from?”)

Five years ago instead of giving up my penchant for paper I switched to a briefcase on wheels — which is not unlike a hoarder renting extra storage space to avoid dealing with the real problem: too much stuff.

Stumbling With Grace

WARNING: Believing in one’s self enough to take chances and try new methods may result in embarrassment.  There’s nothing like a good mistake to reveal strength of character and moral turpitude.  I like to ask job candidates to describe their last mistake.  It’s not that I’m seeking gory details or negative job histories.  In fact, I don’t […]


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