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What is Work-Life Balance?


What would you say if I asked what work-life balance means to you? Could you describe it? In this article, I’ll share¬†what I often hear and extend an invitation for you to tell the rest of us what it means

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Life After Cookies

Photo of model wearing oversized pants with admonition to back away from cookie jar

A few months back, I wrote an article announcing hubby and I were changing the way we eat as we had discovered there was a little too much of us hanging around. Four months have passed and I’ve lost just

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IF and WHEN Can Kill Your Dreams

If and When create a rain cloud

IF and WHEN are powerful words used to set expectations and create limits. For example, we tell our children they can have dessert when they finish their vegetables. Nothing wrong with that, but like anything with a little power, there is a dark side. This article examines cases where IF and WHEN can hold us back.

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How Not To Be A Glasshole


Even if you don’t know what the term ‘glasshole’ means, you can probably tell it’s not something you want to be called. It’s not a good thing. Glasshole refers to a person who wears Google Glass inappropriately. What is Google

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This Could Be Your Week!

This could be your best week yet! Don’t believe me? Take out some paper and write down the three things you would have to accomplish by Friday in order for this to be an awesome week. Go ahead. Write them

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