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3 Hootsuite features: Scheduler tricks, RSS syndicator app, Klout filter

3 Awesome HootSuite Features You Don’t Know About

Have you ever purchased an item because of all the wonderful things it can do, but once you get it home you only use its basic functions? Think microwave ovens and smartphones. Both are capable of changing the way we work and live, yet most of us use them only for simple tasks. In this […]

Sample Instagram Photos

Showcase Your Employment Brand On Instagram

You’re probably wondering why I would promote Instagram as a place to build your employment brand. To be clear, I’m not suggesting you run right out and create a recruitment campaign on the site. I’m not sure you’d get a very good hit rate. But wouldn’t it be great

Sunflowers in a field

Easy Ways To Add Visuals To Your Messages

Visual messaging is hot. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re seeking a bit of relief from the hundreds of written messages we get in a day (email – Gah!) or if the accelerated pace of our lives is driving us toward whatever is quickest. They say the human brain processes visual messages 60,000 times […]

Improve Your Instagram Skills With This Advent Calendar Challenge

Instagram’s explosive growth to 150 million users makes it a real contender in the world of social networking. Rapid growth aside, I think it’s the most fun of all the social sites. In case you haven’t tried it, Instagram is an on-line photo and video sharing social network. It’s like Facebook only you tell your […]

2 Simple Tips For More Effective Facebook Posting

Hold onto your hats, Facebook has made another change. You’re shocked, I know. They NEVER do that. Oops. How did that Facebook sarcasm get in here?¬†Marketers and social media managers know Facebook regularly slips changes into the stream with no warning and often no explanation. This one will save you a heap of time so […]

Easy Ways To Determine Best Times To Post

This post provides some truly simple ways to maximize your posting power by determining when your fans are online.

Getting The Most Out Of Online Forums

Have you ever asked for help on an online forum but got no answer? It happens. Each forum has its own culture and personality. Unless you’re a regular visitor, it can be difficult to figure out how to get what you need. So here’s the skinny on working with forums and user groups. Read the […]

Social Media Is A ‘Hot or Not’ World

“Social media is a ‘hot or not’ world.”¬†I wish I could take credit for coming up with that phrase but it was Guy Kawasaki who coined it during a Hubspot webcast on building a social media following. He explained that great content is not enough. You’ve got to have a killer headline AND enough bling […]


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