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Adecco Takes Top Spot In Canadian Staffing Industry Ranking

The companies on the Top 5 last year are still in the Top 5 this year, but each one has changed its position when ranked by revenue. This is always an exciting moment for those of us in the staffing industry in Canada. We love to see who’s in the top three spots, who’s moved… […]

Making a Good Interview GREAT

You know you’ve conducted a great interview when the applicant feels that you really “get” them and you leave the room understanding his or her career goals and approach to work. Not every interview will be ideal, but there are steps you can take to increase the odds. Know the resume before the interview starts. Recruiters […]

Make It a Super Recruiting Week

How great would it be to end the week knowing you had accomplished your major goals, impressed your clients, and maximized your earnings? You can do it by giving yourself a strong start Monday morning. Step 1 – Create your own personal definition of success for the week. What are your goals? Is it to […]

How To Keep Job Candidates Happy

We recruiters are pretty quick to point out mistakes candidates make during job searches.  We talk about common resume errors, we roll our eyes and relate tales of candidates who answer cell phone calls during interviews, and we complain about the ones who apply for every position posted – even when they clearly don’t have […]

Branding Shenanigans – Yes, I Really Did Wear Orange Pants While Dancing (badly) to “Bom Bom Bom”

Companies are unstoppable when they’re powered by people with heart and a little skin in the game. Add a sense of humour to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for success — and maybe a few shenanigans. This past week, we finally got to enjoy the result of many months of hard work when […]

Listening To Your Recruiter

Would you walk into your doctor’s office to announce your diagnosis and dictate a prescription?  Not likely.  Even if you suspect what the problem is, you still want input from your physician.  What’s the latest treatment?  Are there alternatives?  Is there any new information that you should be made aware of? Your recruiter can offer you the […]

Ghost Posting Job Ads: Best Practice or Bad Form?

Why do staffing agencies place job ads for positions that don’t exist?  People who disagree with this practice may say it’s unethical and misleading.  Those who engage in the practice will tell you it’s a necessary part of business, not designed to deceive but to prepare for imminent job orders.  Like most issues, gaining perspective can change […]

It Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Workforce Anymore

Candidates have become savvy shoppers when it comes to choosing their next job. Do you know what the applicant market is saying about you?


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