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Beyond The Wall — A Ghoulish Tale by Ambrose Bierce

Dear Readers: This story represents a departure in that it was written not by me, but by someone who lived and died in the last century. Happy Halloween.  Many years ago, on my way from Hong Kong to New York,

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Notches on the Bedpost: Unexpected Lessons Learned from Submitting Writing to LitMags Every Day

Originally posted on Lightning Droplets:
Earlier this summer, I was inspired by the devilish number 66 on a list of The 100 Best Ways to Become a Better Writer.  Rack up rejections.  The phrasing and sentiment behind the idea played…

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Recruiters: You’re 20 Minutes Away From Being More Findable On LinkedIn

Top talent knows that LinkedIn is a great research tool. If you have 20 minutes, you can make yourself easier to find. For the first step, all you need is plain old pen and paper. Write down several words that

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iTunes Is For Learners. Wait. What?

We all know iTunes has taken some serious heat about being difficult to use and has even been called bloatware due to it’s expansion from a program that plays media to an e-commerce and marketing platform. All negativity aside, I’m

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Should I Send LinkedIn Invitations To Recruiters?

Recruiters love LinkedIn. In fact, if a recruiter finds your resume on Monster or Workopolis, there’s a good chance they’ll also look you up on LinkedIn. Does that mean job seekers should send connection invitations to recruiters they don’t know? The answer is yes — and no.

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