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Less stress means more happiness

Less Stress At Work

Less stress — It’s the grownup equivalent of a child’s Candy Land fantasy. Or is it? Who says we have to accept a level of stress that diminishes career satisfaction and creeps into off hours? If I’m honest about the times when tension was highest for me, it was when

The Courage to Question

Good business coaches know that uncomfortable conversations are the harbinger of professional growth; the greater the squirm factor, the larger the developmental opportunity. My all-time favourite peer coach, Fiona, had a way of zeroing in like nobody else I’ve ever met. We wrote a contract that we called our Coaching Bedrock, in which we promised […]

The Risky Business of Change

Trying something new means trading the security of a routine path for the exhilaration — and terror — of the unknown. It’s not just our own terror that requires facing down. No one is an island. Any change you undertake will ripple through those closest to you. Here are three things to bear in mind that may help […]

It’s Not Enough To Hire The Best – Great Leaders Add Vision, Stretch Goals & Accountability To The Mix

What is the most irresponsible approach to take with your best talent? Leaving them alone to do their own thing. Read on to find out why…

3 Reasons to Conduct 1-on-1’s with Contract and Temporary Workers

I’m here to dispell a big myth about coaching temporary workers that may be costing you in productivity dollars. I’ve included a link to two excellent podcasts at the bottom of the post.

Working Mentorship

Last month I had a conversation with someone who counseled me to ensure that I was keeping a healthy balance of tactical versus strategic goals.  I love that we had that conversation and have given quite a bit of thought to it in the days and weeks following our telephone meeting.  In my mind, that’s the mark of […]

Transparent Leadership Drives Results

Real leaders tell it like it is. We can be polite but we don’t sugar coat reality.


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