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Why Winston Churchill Would Have Approved Of Twitter

Have you ever had a babbling moment? That’s when we hear ourselves talking in circles while having an internal argument about the wisdom of continuing to speak. When that happens, it’s often a sign that we haven’t spent enough time on the topic to have distilled it to its essence. The French have a saying […]


Organizational Adulthood

Ever watch a 12 year old walk through a department store, pointing out each and every flaw in design or pricing?  Adolescents are particularly adept at finding and announcing fault. With any luck, and several years’ frontal lobe development, they learn the value of perspective and filtering. Not everyone learns the finer points of socialization — witness those who are […]

Email And The Leader vs Manager Debate

Read these two phrases and ask yourself which one most resembles you. Managers focus on sending out information quickly and efficiently ~ their goal is to get it off their plate. Leaders assess message content to determine the best time and vehicle for delivery ~ their goal is to amplify the results of the team. The difference is in where […]

Walking the Technology Tightrope

There’s a new injury popping up in emergency clinics around the world…  People everywhere are walking into traffic, bumping into parked cars, stumbling, and just generally getting hurt from not watching where they’re going.  The villain?  Texting while walking. It’s just the latest in what I’m calling Cyborg Morphing.  Rick Mercer says it best in […]

My Twitter experiment

All good lessons contain surprises and this was no exception. For one week I spoke in Twitterish – which means I sought to express myself clearly using the fewest words possible. In case you’ve not been initiated to Twitter, it’s a microblogging community where users seek to send meaningful messages to the world using 140 characters or less.

Capturing tribal knowledge

Capture. Listen. Engage. It’s easier than ever and the cost of entry can be as little as zero dollars.

Who’s Listening to Your Customers?

Call them customers, clients, patients, whatever. They are talking. Are you listening?

Releasing The Blogger Within

Are you toying with the idea of blogging? You’re drawn to it but not sure where to start? Here are 5 tips that will get you started in less than a day.


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