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Less stress means more happiness

Less Stress At Work

Less stress — It’s the grownup equivalent of a child’s Candy Land fantasy. Or is it? Who says we have to accept a level of stress that diminishes career satisfaction and creeps into off hours? If I’m honest about the times when tension was highest for me, it was when

Title: The Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisor

If everyone in the world were free to choose their own job title, I suspect Trusted Advisor would be among the top ten in popularity. Who doesn’t want to be known for telling it like it is and helping others get on the right path? Clearly, that would place us on the opposite end of the […]

The Fall Of The Alphas by Dana Ardi

I had two main goals in life when I was little. First, when I grew up I would have a house with dozens of rooms to hold my many interests. Second, I would own a complete set of the most up-to-date Encyclopaedia Britannica known to man. I attribute both aspirations to having a mom with […]

Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Intrapreneur — Which Are You?

Driven business leaders are not created equal. Each of us possess separate and distinct superhero talents. When we develop self awareness, we realize there are certain situations in which we thrive. Have you thought about the type of business leader you are, or might become? Let’s look at three driven types: Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Intrapreneurs. […]

Quick Fixes To Get Your Projects Back On Track

Are your projects suffering from lack of momentum? Feeling stalled? Wondering why it’s so hard to make progress? The answer may lie in the way you’re handling communications. Projects are a compilation of tasks, often requiring input or work from several people. The way you gain agreement to that input or work will have a […]

Growing Your Business The Coach Approach Way

Using Inspirational Power and Accountability Language can move you toward growth goals faster than any other leadership approach. This article examines the four power modes and provides practical tips for positive conversations.

Level 5 Leadership — Are We There Yet?

When I first read Jim Collins’ description of a level 5 leader in Good to Great, I wondered if I could ever develop my skills to that point. If you’ve not read the book, basically he is describing a selfless and highly motivated leadership style that is present in the companies that have bucked all […]

Great recruiters are like hurdle racers

Surviving The New Job

Changing jobs at the leadership level is tough territory. Part of the challenge is that new people see the work environment through a different lens than those who have been around a while. Fresh eyes may bring new ideas but they can’t fathom the awards, the wins, and the battle scars that make up the […]


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