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7 Blogs For 7 Days

Tech tips, interviewing secrets and a professional networking primer — selected from seven quality blogs — ready for you to read. Let’s jump right into the weekly roundup with two opposite views on staffing agency technology. In our first, Sue McKechnie points out 7 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Sink a Temp Agency. Twitter […]

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Smokers Are Losing Their Networking Advantage

I used to think the smoking crowd at work had a huge advantage. I’d see them leave the building together and come back 10 minutes later with all kinds of plans and energy. Why? They took the time to chat with other people, compare ideas, crystallize thoughts. Meanwhile, the non-smokers remained glued to their desk, staring […]

21st Century Connectedness

Connections. How many we have and how far afield our network extends has become both a topic of conversation and a badge of honour. The concept of networking isn’t new – what’s changed is how we do it, the volume of connections one can entertain, and the speed with which it all happens. When I […]

Finding Your Networking Value Proposition

For years I resisted the whole idea of networking.  My mental association was an image of Herb Tarlek, the consumate slick salesman, wearing white shoes and an insincere grin handing out business cards two at at time with instructions to his new acquaintances to pass the extra cards to people in their network (if you’re my age you remember […]


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