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Title: The Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisor

If everyone in the world were free to choose their own job title, I suspect Trusted Advisor would be among the top ten in popularity. Who doesn’t want to be known for telling it like it is and helping others get on the right path? Clearly, that would place us on the opposite end of the […]

Your Personal Brand – Is It Time For A Makeover?

How’s your personal brand doing these days? If you’re not sure, that might be an indicator that it’s time for a check up. What Is A Personal Brand? Your personal brand is how others would describe you based on the the way they experience you. Each person will have their own personal impression of you; […]

What Our Words Say About us

Here’s a tool to help you create a picture of your speech. It’s called Wordle.

Live your Brand Wordle

Living Your Brand

Living a life of alignment starts with knowing what you stand for. It’s knowing who you are and directing your interactions so as to influence how others experience you. There’s no hype in living your true brand.

The man who taught me branding

He stared past the machinery coated with soot and ashes, and said he wasn’t about to give up. “No, I’m still a young man,” said the 78-year-old Branford resident as he watched firefighters douse smoldering rafters and toss aside the blackened back door to his shop.

The Art of Being Direct

Learning how to share observations in a way that improves performance comes from understanding the difference between feedback and criticism. Feedback is forward looking – it helps us do better next time. Criticism… well, not so much.

Finding Your Networking Value Proposition

For years I resisted the whole idea of networking.  My mental association was an image of Herb Tarlek, the consumate slick salesman, wearing white shoes and an insincere grin handing out business cards two at at time with instructions to his new acquaintances to pass the extra cards to people in their network (if you’re my age you remember […]

Social Media Credibility

Remember when you were nine and you wanted that dog? You promised your parents that you would feed it, walk it, clean up after it… Social media is a little like that. You have to know that it comes with added responsibilities.


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