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Who Else Wants To Be More Creative and Think Better?

Is the creative side of your brain bored by plain old vanilla meeting notes written on lined paper? Or are you a linear thinker who’s trying to inject a little right-brain creativity into your project management? Both scenarios will benefit from mind mapping. Mind mapping is a graphical technique for visualizing connections between ideas or […]

This Could Be Your Week!

This could be your best week yet! Don’t believe me? Take out some paper and write down the three things you would have to accomplish by Friday in order for this to be an awesome week. Go ahead. Write them down. Next to each one of the three items, write down one thing you can […]

1 Big Tip to Keep Your Goals and Projects On Track

Have you ever missed a detail on a project or forgotten to do something that would have moved you closer to reaching a critical goal? I have. It feels terrible. Dropping the ball happens when we have too much going on yet we don’t have a reliable system in place to remind us what to […]

iTunes Is For Learners. Wait. What?

We all know iTunes has taken some serious heat about being difficult to use and has even been called bloatware due to it’s expansion from a program that plays media to an e-commerce and marketing platform. All negativity aside, I’m really impressed with the learning opportunities that are now available on iTunes. iTunesU Here are […]

I Want My Kilter Back

I’m on vacation for three days. I selected these days – in the middle of the work week – to get back on kilter. Or get my kilter back. Whatever. My assignment for the next 72 hours is to do only one thing at a time. You might say I’ve orchestrated my own multitasking intervention. I […]

Teamwork Slays the Goodenuff Monster

The Goodenuff Monster is a faulty thought process that justifies second-rate performance. Often, he presents himself when we’re trying do things ourselves that would benefit from teamwork.

Recruiter Workload

Setting appropriate goals for recruiters is a tough task.  Generalist recruiters handle a wide variety of positions which creates productivity peaks and valleys.  Specialists may enjoy a steadier, more predictable workflow in terms of number of hires expected; their challenges come from the differing preferences of the hiring managers they support.  In the agency world, client mix produces measurement complexity […]

5 Minute Productivity Push

Here is a simple daily habit with the potential to turn around your personal and corporate productivity (excerpted from Harvard Business Review). And for a little extra value I included a link to an article that will help those of us without executive assistants from becoming slaves to email and document retrieval.


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