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Adecco Takes Top Spot In Canadian Staffing Industry Ranking

The companies on the Top 5 last year are still in the Top 5 this year, but each one has changed its position when ranked by revenue. This is always an exciting moment for those of us in the staffing industry in Canada. We love to see who’s in the top three spots, who’s moved… […]

Recruiter Workload

Setting appropriate goals for recruiters is a tough task.  Generalist recruiters handle a wide variety of positions which creates productivity peaks and valleys.  Specialists may enjoy a steadier, more predictable workflow in terms of number of hires expected; their challenges come from the differing preferences of the hiring managers they support.  In the agency world, client mix produces measurement complexity […]

3 Reasons to Conduct 1-on-1’s with Contract and Temporary Workers

I’m here to dispell a big myth about coaching temporary workers that may be costing you in productivity dollars. I’ve included a link to two excellent podcasts at the bottom of the post.

Western Provinces Set To Drive GDP Growth in Canada

Canada’s stable economy and relatively strong forecast are attractive to growth-oriented organizations seeking new markets. Here is an overview of the anticipated GDP growth by province along with key drivers.

Considering a Career in the Staffing Industry?

This is a $7 billion industry in Canada. It’s fast paced, challenging, and I’ve been loving it for years. Could this be your next career move? Here are some things to consider…

Saying thank you to temporary and contract workers

Are there temporary workers at your place of business? If so you may want to learn about national Staffing for Canada week — the week where we appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of temporary workers everywhere.


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