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The Future of Work 2.0

How well informed are you on changes in the work world? Click through to watch a Harvard video on hyperspecialization – a work trend with implications for both managers and workers.

Shamelessly Aligned with TGIM

In the world of acronyms and initialisms TGIF probably ranks among the top ten. Why then, is it wholly absent from my thousands of posts, tweets and blog comments? Guess what – I’m not alone! TGIM celebrates those who choose to have a healthy, exciting work life.

Latest News From the World of Work

Is your talent strategy up to date? The Manpower Research Center contains fresh thinking from the best minds in the business.

Servant leadership: Cutting through the hype

Servant leadership without authenticity is hollow and creates bad press. This piece describes the qualities of higher-functioning leaders and provides links to 3 online assessments to evaluate your own leadership profile.

Gigonomics – Wordsmithing The New Economy

Gigonomics.  This word is popping up everywhere.  It’s been popularized in Newsweek, the Denver Post, the New York Times…  Perhaps we’re attracted to this word because it sounds so new, so web 2.0.  The truth is it isn’t new at all.  Just ask survivors of the 1991-92 jobless recovery. Gigs are part-time or short-term jobs and gigonomics is […]


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