Best Marketing Video. Ever.

Marketing that makes an immediate, unforgettable impression is rare. So rare, I like to recognize the work by sharing it. In case you’re wondering if this blog post is an ad — nope. I have no affiliation with this company and they don’t know I’m writing this.

Take 3 minutes to watch the video and then see if you agree with my assessment. I’ll put my comments below the video.  Continue reading “Best Marketing Video. Ever.”


When Good WordPress Plugins Go Bad

You would never jeopardize your website by using an untrusted plugin, right? Me, neither. That’s why this particular plugin story is so scary — it shows how easy it is for good plugins to go bad.  Continue reading “When Good WordPress Plugins Go Bad”

Four Free Graphics Editors—Which One Is Right For You?

Keeping your resume up to date is a gift you give yourself

Adding visuals to your online content does two things: it increases engagement (we do live in the visual age, after all) and it helps build brand recognition by presenting your message with your unique look and feel. With the right app and 5 to 10 minutes, you can start creating social media graphics like a boss!

But with so many tools available, how do you pick the right one? In this article I’ll tell you what I like best about four graphics editors—and I’ll tell you who I think they are best suited for. Continue reading “Four Free Graphics Editors—Which One Is Right For You?”

A Social Media Resource Everyone Needs

Photo: Two action figures dressed as police lean on a globe and a smartphone

Trying to get better social media results while still doing your other “real” work is like juggling frogs: mildly entertaining to onlookers but horrifying when you’re the one trying to do it all.

Not only is there a lot to learn, but just about the time you start feeling in control and capable, something changes. Expanding platforms, new terminology, unexpected policy updates that can get your account suspended… Continue reading “A Social Media Resource Everyone Needs”

Leadership Move: How to Shift from Criticism to Feedback

A man holds a sign: Advice $.50. Good advice $2.00.

If you’re not clear on the difference between criticism and feedback, you could be missing out on your best coaching and developmental opportunities. I’m going to illustrate how this happens by sharing a particularly cringe-worthy error from my past but first let’s define what we’re talking about.

The Difference Between Criticism and Feedback

Criticism is easy to identify when you’re on the receiving end. Nobody likes it. It makes us feel bad — like we missed the mark. We blew it. On the other hand, feedback usually makes us feel better, more hopeful. We’re ready to try again. What differentiates the two? Continue reading “Leadership Move: How to Shift from Criticism to Feedback”

Boost Your Blogging ROI — 4 Things You Can Do Right Now

Blogging: Making It Count

It takes the same amount of time to write a blog post that’s seen by 3 people as one that’s seen by 3,000. So why not boost your readership — and your ROI — by adopting strategies that attract more eyeballs and encourage sharing?


Read through these suggestions and pick one or two that appeal to you. They’re presented in no particular order — each has the potential to make a substantial difference in your blogging results.  Continue reading “Boost Your Blogging ROI — 4 Things You Can Do Right Now”

New Year’s resolutions that stick

Photo: Getting ready to write New Year's resolutions

Most New Year’s resolutions start out with fiery ambition on January 1 but soon dwindle to a weak flame, easily extinguished by the demands of day-to-day life.

Sound familiar? It should. According to StatisticBrain only 8% of people successfully achieve their resolution. I wonder how many of those abandoned goals cause angst. Especially after having publicly proclaimed a determination to lose weight or stop smoking or get a new job.

Is it lack of willpower—or something else?

Willpower is necessary, that’s for sure. Especially if one is aiming at a significant behavioural change like zapping an addiction to nicotine. New habits take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months before they become ingrained which means there’s a period of time when our mind and body send us signals to tempt us into the old behaviour. Willpower is our ability to withstand the temptation until such time as it loses its hold on us.

But lack of willpower isn’t the main reason so many goals are dropped. There are two other causes that I think are more pervasive. Fortunately they’re easily remedied once you recognize them. Continue reading “New Year’s resolutions that stick”

New Year’s—Perfect time to reconnect

Is the new year your time to get a new job?

Networking plays an important role in career and business success but it’s not always easy to find a reason to reach out. New Year’s gives us the perfect excuse to rekindle the embers of relationships that got away from us.

Job Seekers

Think about past job opportunities that interested you but didn’t lead to a job offer. Send an email Continue reading “New Year’s—Perfect time to reconnect”

3 Ways To Hang On To The Good Times

You can't litter negativity everywhere and then wonder why you've got a trashy life.

Ever notice how negative events effortlessly pop up into your consciousness while the positive ones require digging and cobweb clearing? That’s happened to you, right? Good, it’s not just me. Actually, I know I’m not alone in this—apparently our brains are hard-wired to turn scary or uncomfortable moments into permanent memories. It’s part of an age-old survival mechanism that equates discomfort with danger and assigns these memories as high priority.

Here’s the good news. Just because there’s science behind it, doesn’t mean we have to settle for the way things are. We can reverse this natural tendency by Continue reading “3 Ways To Hang On To The Good Times”

The Conversational Job Interview

Photo: Job interview begins with a warm handshake.

Job interviews have to be the toughest way to get to know a person or a company. It’s not a whole lot different than looking for a potential mate at a bar. Everyone’s dressed up and ready to dole out clever words. What are the chances you’re going to see the true picture?

I wrote this article for people on both sides of the interview desk. It should help you have a conversation rather than a stilted, superficial Q and A session.  Continue reading “The Conversational Job Interview”