Finding Time To Release the Social Networker In You

Action, Goal achievement, Get what you wantClients and employees love to see that their organization has online visibility and interacts with virtual communities.  This is not a task that can be assigned to Marketing or HR.  We need to see our executives and staff fully engaged and participating.  So how can we help the busiest people in the world take an active role?  With a little planning, adding social networking into one’s schedule doesn’t have to mean a major increase in workload.  Here are some easily implemented tricks to get you started quickly.

Capture Ideas Using the Tools You Have on Hand

  • Paper and Pen: If you’re a note-taker, jot down snippets and thoughts throughout the day so that you’ve got some ideas lined up and ready when you have a few moments to spend on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Blackberry or Smartphone:  Leverage the built-in tasks application.  Each time you have an idea, create a task with the word “blog” or “facebook” or “Twitter” as the first word in the task title.  Then, when you are ready to do some networking, simply type the common word you’ve chosen to designate social networking ideas and you will see them grouped together for quick retrieval.

Microsoft Outlook:

  • Notepad is an often overlooked program within Outlook.  It provides a quick and easy way to capture ideas throughout the day (Ctrl+Shift+N in Outlook 2007).

Automatic Links

  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are easily connected so that your updates are either automatically or selectively shared to all.  It’s easiest to do this from Facebook.  Simply browse the Twitter applications and pick the one that suits you best.
  • Or try Hootsuite.  This program actually lets you assign tasks to team members and makes posting to multiple sites a breeze.  I program my messages to publish automatically at times when I know I’ll be too busy to log in.


Social networking is a two-way street.  If you’re always talking and neglect listening, you will appear to be a marketer and will be ignored.  Search the social sites to find out what people are saying about your company.  Respond.  Actually reach out.  It’s what networking is all about.


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